About Momeni Construction, Inc.

Momeni Construction, Inc. (formerly Momeni & Associates, Inc.) is a full service construction and construction management firm headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. The firm was founded by Moe Momeni in September 2000. Our principal's collective experience confirms that commitment, competence, and communication are essential to the success of a project, and our staff has been carefully selected for these characteristics.

Momeni Construction has participated in thousands of projects with a total construction value in the hundreds of millions of dollars. From pre-design through completion, Momeni Construction has experience in all phases and facets of project construction and management. Owners turn to Momeni Construction to help minimize risk and deliver projects on time, within budget, and with the highest quality deliverables. Momeni Construction provides developers and capital market clients with invaluable assistance through realistic project feasibility assessment, development strategy, and planning.

We have partnered with architects, developers, government agencies, and institutions to provide complete construction services.




3110 S. Durango Drive, Suite 205
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117
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Email: info@momeniconstruction.com